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SLF: Carrier transmission at 80 Hz

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Subject: SLF: Carrier transmission at 80 Hz
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 10:21:56 +0100
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Dear SLF friends,

A new step forward towards DC: Since yesterday 22:30 UTC i'm TXing a carrier at 80.005 Hz. That's the 3750 km band, where the far field begins at a distance of 598 km.

The antenna voltage is just 5 kV and i'm getting 1.2 mA antenna current, giving an ERP of  20 fW (2E-14 W).

The voltage is even higher than in my recent experiment on 270 Hz, anyway the S/N is lower, indicating that my RX lacks of sensitivity. Indeed this experiment helps to estimate the lack of sensitivity. Looks like i'm missing about 10 dB on that frequency. Anyway the signal is making the path of 3.5 km to my tree grabber, as usual shown at Not a big distance but still well beyond most garden fences!
The signal leaves a barely visible trace in the ZEVS window which is running at 3.8 mHz FFT bin witdh. Unfortunately ZEVS is off the air since a week or so. actually i wanted to transmit side by side with ZEVS, of course a bit deeper even.

>From a quiet period at night, i calculated the SNR of a 1 hour carrier period using vlfrx-tools: carrier S/N: 16.83 dB in 277.8 uHz, -18.73 dB in 1Hz

For the crazy homebrewers i'd like to share that website where i ordered the HV-transformer, A nightmare for all safety-fetishists! For the completeness it must be mentioned together with that page:

73, Stefan
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