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Re: LF: New QRSS / DFCW grabbers

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Subject: Re: LF: New QRSS / DFCW grabbers
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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2018 10:39:45 -0330 (NST)
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Hi Paul.  Thank-you for reporting the CW sigs.  I look forward to
trying a 2 way this winter.

Your grabber is working -- at least it shows my carrier while it
is keyed.


On Wed, 7 Nov 2018, N1BUG wrote:

Hi LF artists,

I invite you to try painting something on my new grabbers. I hope to
have these running all the time, monitoring the EU and NA LF QRSS
windows. The grabbers are located at my home station in FN55mf.

Unfortunately there is some QRM from my own LF transmissions, but
there is enough time between to see if your signal is making it
here. Also, you can see 136.170 to 136.172 is not the best for me, I
have some intermittent QRM there from motor speed controller(s) at
the waste water treatment plant about 1.5 km from me.

The NA window is a mess right now, but the interference is not
always present there. I don't have any idea what is making all that

I am still learning about Spectrum Lab. Probably there are more
improvements that could be made. Suggestions are very welcome, but
please remember I have no idea what I am doing. :)

Both grabbers can be found here:

Good luck!

Paul N1BUG

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