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LF: Re: Transmitting on MF

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Subject: LF: Re: Transmitting on MF
From: Rik Strobbe <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2018 07:38:45 +0000
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Thread-topic: Transmitting on MF

​Hello Oscar, all,

I just checked the overnight screenshots: only a faint but clearly interrupted  trace just above 475 kHz that appeared around 21 UTC and vanished around 02 UTC with a peak at 00:30 UTC. But bu no means even a partial decode of your callsign.

QRN levels were rather high (heavy thunderstorm some 100 km to the south).

I will monitor 475 kHz again tonight.

73, Rik  ON7YD - OR7T

Van: Rik Strobbe
Verzonden: zaterdag 9 juni 2018 22:03
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: Re: Transmitting on MF

​​Hello Oscar,

I will be monitoring 475.000 kHz from now till 06:00 tomorrow.

Good luck!

73, Rik  ON7YD - OR7T

Van: [email protected] <[email protected]> namens Oscar Villafañe <[email protected]>
Verzonden: zaterdag 9 juni 2018 8:12
Aan: [email protected]
Onderwerp: LF: Transmitting on MF


Today saturday I will start transmitting from 20:00 to 04:00 UTC on 475,000 - QRSS30, posibily on sunday too, depending on the next rains. Thank you. 73 !

Oscar - LU1DOW

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