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Re: ULF: 5 wavelengths on the 101 km band? Valid or not?

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Subject: Re: ULF: 5 wavelengths on the 101 km band? Valid or not?
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2017 23:28:13 +0100
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Hi Markus, Paul, Eddie, Marco, Jim, Renato,

thanks for the positive feedback.

Am 11.02.2017 15:22, schrieb g3zjo:
I am convinced, but do it again.

Yes, i will do it again on another frequency. Hopefully the QRN stays low for some time longer. Or i have to add more power! Hmmm, critical, maybe.
Am 11.02.2017 16:55, schrieb Paul Nicholson:
2970 is the strongest line.  At least 3 sigma, maybe 4,
depending on how you treat the lumpy floor.  A physicist
would insist on 5 sigma but the fact that the peak is
at exactly the right frequency is significant in itself.

Markus just wrote:

> In my humble opinion, this is clearly a successful
> detection.

I was doubtful looking at the spectrogram but having
plotted the pixels I am convinced.

Best I can get in Todmorden is 2 and a bit sigma
using just the daytime signal in 3.9 uHz.  Not
significant at all.  Would need at least another 7
days of transmission.
How does that peak look so far, in a spectrum? What happens if you put day and night together, maybe with some phase correction?
73, Stefan

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