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R: RE: LF: VLF with two small loops.

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Subject: R: RE: LF: VLF with two small loops.
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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 15:31:59 +0100 (CET)
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Hi Louis,

thanks for the new grabber link just added it in the list!
By the way since 2 days I'm active on MF wspr getting plenty of 
reports including yours ;-)
The antenna is the same used at LF (of course without what I was minded 
is a big coil... then I seen the Stefan coils ....) and the rig is 
pouring about 10W in. THe efficiency is of course higher than in LF and 
after the first night I was blessed with more than 1000 spots from 15 
european countries! I should carry out some field measure.. but is too 
cold the EIRP is sure below 1W although probably higher of 10mW (with 
better weather I should also think about a small variometer for MF)

CU 73 Marco IK1HSS
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Ogg: RE: LF: VLF with two small loops.

Thank you for the config files Edgar

That makes me (finally) realize how to make the frequency list work in 
my grabber. I was trying to use Labels but it is not the way
PC at my Rx site was upgraded. Now I can run more instances and 
decoders. A fourth window at VLF showing two Alphas at about 12KHz
is added now
Still using Perseus with SDR-Radio which provides six VFOs to six 
virtual audio channels feeding different decoders and SpectrumLab 

Next is to use a dedicated antenna to sound card for VLF ..... and may 
be trying some Tx at veeeeery low power levels ;-)
EbNaut is also in the wish list, thanks to the pioneers paving the path 

73 de Luis

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