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Re: LF: 8269.990Hz

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Subject: Re: LF: 8269.990Hz
From: DK7FC <selberde[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 22:51:55 +0200
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Hello Uwe,

It looks like i can see your transmission on my VLF forest remote grabber,
The signal is well visible in the 'DFCW6000' window! In the city, i just see QRN/QRM. That is a nice first trace of amateur signals there (except my own of course).
1PPS+NMEA is running stable since a few days.
I'm now starting to try to decode you both.

73, Stefan

Am 20.04.2016 22:31, schrieb [email protected]:
the carrier is on the air.

the message:

start 2016-04-21 07:00:00

coding 8K19A

CRC 16

period 30

length 5

duration 04:16:00:00

have fun

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