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LF: JA1CGM again

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Subject: LF: JA1CGM again
From: Laurence KL7 L <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 12:27:42 -0800
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Bit of a delayed report but ja1cgm was a good signal on the 24th at 11-12z 137.7774 ish  qrss40ish with slight downward tilt -  
Didn't see him last night and I don't think he was on -  
Also 600m conditions a lot better on the Pacific side with VE7BDQ at good CW levels  (+ve snr's) on WSPR over a 2100Kms path as seen here around 0930z
Laurence KL7L WE2XPQ et al\\
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