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RE: LF: Tx test QRSS-30 476.180

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Subject: RE: LF: Tx test QRSS-30 476.180
From: VIGILANT Luis Fernández <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 08:42:07 +0000
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Thread-topic: LF: Tx test QRSS-30 476.180

Thank you all for the try. But keep an eye aearching from time to time

I'll keep txing. No way to blow-up the electricity bill at QRPPPP ;-)

There is an spurious signal very clear on my MF Grabber centered on WSPR 
It is just 400Hz down from the main signal but you can check the signal timing

Every frame starts at 00-15-30 and 45 minute. There is time to GPS recalibrate 
the U3
which is a good feature to keep QRG. Not really a standard reference but quite 
and much better than a free running oscillator

Thank you for the link to the vertical loop André. Very interesting but hard to 
here. As Graham and others suggested, will try a top feed slopper against the 
But will be a winter project. Now it's time to attend the other end of 
spectrum: mW and nanoW

73 de Luis

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Hi Luis,

Good luck for your test! It is interesting!
Maybe it is not the best time in the year :-) Very strong QRN today due to 
local thunderstorms. Anyway my grabbers are running 24/7.
My frequency accuracy on MF is not so high, maybe +- 2 Hz. It is not locked to 
a reference signal and has xtal stability. I just did a 'calibration' by 
setting BIA to 474 kHz (eye accuracy)...
If your signal is accurate and appers on my grabber, i will calibrate my RX to 
your signal :-)

73, Stefan

Am 12.05.2015 16:27, schrieb VIGILANT Luis Fernández:
> Hi MF
> After few days in WSPR-2 and Opera8 only EA1FAQ at 500Km and EB3FRN at 
> 300Km had some frames copied. The horizontal loop is probably 
> radiating with a very high angle
> Would like to make some QRSS tests with the same Tx conditions and see 
> if I can reach central EU
> So will be Txing QRSS30 with DFCW at 476.179 and 476.181 from now on
> 73 de Luis

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