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LF: Re: carrier on 136.7

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Subject: LF: Re: carrier on 136.7
From: Guyé André <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 16:29:38 +0100
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Yes Luis.
The approximate 190° beam from here covers a large zone at 1000 km or over. As you said, perhaps C31 or other ? It is also possible that this signal is coming from France at 100 to 800 km from my QTH ? I cannot know the distance, only direction ! HI.
The high level of signal is an indication. But I remember when I was very active on LF in the 2000 / 2003 years, it was useful to have some CW QSO with moderate power at 1000 km on daylight time. But the reports was not 599 !
Best test and luck to you.
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 4:13 PM
Subject: Re: LF: Re: carrier on 136.7
Thank you for the beaming Andre
Have spread the news to some EA3 hams (Catalonia)
But don't forget there is also C31 in the area which is an independent country
OT, but may be they are using a new RF-pulse system to burn out all the account files
of their bank activities
PS: I'm sure this is not an spurious from my U3 Stefan :-))))
73 de Luis

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Enviado: miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015 15:22
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Asunto: Re: LF: Re: carrier on 136.7

I found the best F/B ratio, that is about 25 dB.
Now I am sure, the signal is coming from the 190° +/- 15° from my QTH, that is about the Barcelona / Catalugna direction.

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