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LF: Todays MF/LF remote garden progress

To: rsgb_l[email protected]
Subject: LF: Todays MF/LF remote garden progress
From: DK7FC <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 17:42:41 +0100
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I'm just sharing some thoughts for our entertainment ;-)

Well, first tests have shown that the garden location is not much better on MF. But these tests were just over short times. Later in the garden i can remotely switch a bistable relay used as an antenna switch! So i can use loop antennas instead of the vertical, which may be an advantage depending on where the QRN and the wanted signal comes from... Not sure why there is not a higher SNR improvement. Either the home location is not as sub-optimal as expected or it is an receiver issue, which will be solved then.
Yesterday i've been there on the tree again ;-) doing some mechanical
measurements. Today i mounted the 5V supply and the Raspi and its USB
soundcard into a waterproof (IP66) box, which also has a waterproof
feedthrough for the GHz-Yagi. Fortunately the small RP-SMA plug of the
yagi also fits through the feedthrough since its outher diameter is just
10 mm.
Enjoying work into the trees after such a grey winter!

Image of the current status: Ah and unfortunately some blood from the tree dropped on the solar panel. But i helped the tree! See: Does someone know how to clean the plastic surface of the solar module without making it dull? Sorry, it's a bit OT now ;-)
73, Stefan

Am 15.02.2015 16:50, schrieb IZ7PDX Luigi D.:
Stefan your grabber is great,  received my track very well despite the loud 
noise of the city!
Inviato da iPhone

Il giorno 15/feb/2015, alle ore 16:11, DK7FC<[email protected]>  ha 

Hello Luis,

Since when do you have a grabber? :-)
Is it from the remote site using the GHz link?
I'm preparing the same here. There is good progress! Maybe i can use it in a 
few days :-)

My normal ("urban") MF grabber is of course running for Lu

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