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Re: LF: XE3 ops. EL60

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Subject: Re: LF: XE3 ops. EL60
From: Laurence KL7 L <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2014 12:59:08 -0600
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No changes in antennae Stefan - im pushing the envelope here as it is with zero 
space (believe it or not!)

Good luck

> On Nov 8, 2014, at 12:39, "DK7FC" <[email protected]> wrote:
> R Laurence
> Am 08.11.2014 19:23, schrieb Laurence KL7 L:
>> Hi Stefan  im in EL60IJ
> OK, 8726 km and a path almost exclusively over water. We will make it!
>> Rig is SDR iQ and Corona bottle probe on a stick so nothing wonderful
> The loop of YV7MAE helped a lot to improve DCF's S/N since reducing QRN from 
> Arfica. Is there no way for you to quickly try a loop instead?
> In any way i will be on air, DFCW-90 on 136.172, as usual. I think this is 
> more effective than OPDS32 because short QSB periods, e.g. showing just "F" 
> would make it "official". After that, we may also try OPDS32 :-)
>> Chances - slim but hey you know how that goes and weve been successful in a 
>> lot of countries where I didnt things would work and vice versa. We are 
>> working here for another 10 days so more chances esp if the el sol quietens  
>> down.
> R, UFB!
>> I might have a screen up on but again no 
>> promises depends on the wind direction from the not so local cell tower
> I will sit and watch :-)
> 73, Stefan
>> Laurence KL7L/XE3
>> 4/8 CiSt 25C 180/10 and rather pleasant though a little hot running...

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