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LF: RE: MF CW activity

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Subject: LF: RE: MF CW activity
From: "Clemens Paul" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 16:56:31 +0100
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I've come across a report of a special international meeting 
of professional CW operators at

The reporter speaks German but the discussion among the attendees is
is in international language. :-)



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>Subject: LF: MF CW activity
>Hi MF, 
>Just regarding CW activity on MF, below you can find another 
>good example that (CW) activity rises activity. So if there is 
>no one on the band, just call CQ, preverably with Q R O so 
>that many stations can hear you, even those with local QRM and 
>compromise antennas. First they must hear you, then they may 
>start to improve their RX system and just then they will hear 
>the QRP stations! Even if no one answers, the calls are not "a 
>waste of energy and time". At least for me it's nice to know 
>there are a few people outside catchinhg the signal, maybe 
>even unintended :-) In that case, the OM didn't even know that 
>the 630m band is existing for radio amateurs!
>73, Stefan/DK7FC
>Forwarded email with kind permission by the author:
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>Betreff:       600m band        
>Datum:         Sun, 2 Nov 2014 12:37:54 +0000   
>Von:   fagend123 . <[email protected]> 
><mailto:[email protected]>          
>An:    [email protected]    
>               From Leighton GW-20048 / GW0LBI
>               Hello Stefan,
>               Just a short email to tell you that I picked up 
>your signals on the 600m band yesterday evening. I heard you 
>calling CQ a few times with your locator JN49, then you 
>started working another DK station called Rudi. I didn't get 
>the callsign of the other station because of local QRM, but 
>your signals were clear here at times, best report 519 for you.
>               I was tuning on my RX looking for the 
>non-directional aircraft beacons between 280KHz and 530KHz 
>when I came across your CQ calling on 473KHz. At first I 
>thought there must be a fault with my RX because I didn't know 
>about the new 600m band, but now that I do, I'll listen there 
>some more! Very interesting!
>               My SWL station is a Trio R-600 with end-fed 
>wire antenna (see GW0LBI on, and my location is 
>Bargoed Wales, IO81jq if that is any use to you.
>               Anyway hope this helps Stefan, I'll listen for 
>you again, and good luck.
>               Guten Tag,
>               Leighton GW-20049 / GW0LBI

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