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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 20:35:00 +0100
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I wonder if it will be Man enough for the job?

On 12/06/13 18:50, Graham wrote:
If there is a  stream  , then  all  you  need  is one of these back shot  wheels

From: g3zjo
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 9:38 AM

On 11/06/2013 23:02, Markus Vester wrote:
The plan is to have the ebike pull myself and the equipment onto some hilltop. Then mount wind blades onto the front wheel, and get the kite up for a three-hour VLF dash while topping up the battery on the side. Then roll downhill and come home with the fully charged battery ready for tomorrow ;-)

Marcus / LF

A beautiful concept. Hardly marketable though. "With our ACME system you can can out (only on windy days) preferably up a hill, and return using free energy". :-)

The wind is a fickle beast. We did 6 Months touring France using only wind energy for electricity (some lowlife stole the solar panel early on) we were becalmed in the Vercors mountains when we had to stay put, so no charging from the engine. The sun was relentless and started forest fires. In the last week of the tour there were gales, screaming generator, fully charged batteries and 20 Amps to dump day in day out.

Wondering about Eddies remark on the rpm mismatch between propeller and alternator - what would be the optimum frequency range for either side? I

Yes, Christian also noted the apparent lack of gearing. With the use of a car alternator which was not designed for the job it is very difficult to get efficiency. All alternators have a 'cut in speed', horrible term, in RPM, which in wind generators is stated in wind sped (knots).
My 20Amp Wind Generator has a cut in speed of 8 knots, its rated at 20Amps but you have got to have a 60 knot wind to reach that.

It is definitely not as easy as putting a fan on the shaft of a car alternator to produce a "HOME BREW WIND GENERATOR 12V/100A"

73 Eddie G3ZJO

73 de pat g4gvw
es gd dx
qth nr Felixstowe
East Coast UK
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