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LF: Re: Whole house EMC/I filtering - Corcom 200 A 3 phase Y

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Subject: LF: Re: Whole house EMC/I filtering - Corcom 200 A 3 phase Y
From: Laurence KL1 X <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 14:55:19 -0800
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Jay/Stefan thanks for the comments -
Yes - I had to really be careful with Code on this - the main meter feeds directly into the 2 x 2phase 100A breakers and went thru the wall, one direct to one breaker panel for the non essentials and another via a generator transfer switch to the right of all this lot then onto the Eeesntial services panel in the garage. The meter used to have a "Turtle" RF pulsing device but it was causing  LF MF QRM and I managed to persuade the electrical Co to remove it and now they still read the meter visually
I didnt have the energy or the resources to recable back from either two locations direct obviating the need to come into the same breaker box - so as you look at the  Gray filter box the output cabling is at the top of the filter and short run back up the ( 2 1/4)conduit and out using the existing (non connectorized) cabling. Its not ideal I know and there will be some capacitive and small inductive affects but I was aiming at LF and a band either side of it I dont think its going to be large.
 Youll also notice the filters are designed for 3 phase  Y and not 2 phase AND my neutral is bonded to Earth in the breaker box too. I did pony up for a thicker and less inductance earth connection to the spaced rods located beneath the boxes to improve the "RF" coupling/shunting to Earth at this point.
Linked are the specs for the Corcom 200A filter - they are still available for 700 USD each or Eee Bay (yikes), but I offered him 100 USD and he took it. Just had to add the pack mule costs to get them to Alaska.  The weight of the filters and the UL Electrical enclosure is something like 85 pounds and is supported on the frame which is bolted to the concrete beneath. All hardware was stainless - and lots of Petronox style gray stuff for the Alu connections
In addition to this, the house has further single and 2 phase Corcoms on the 20A breakered outlets to the radio room -
I think if I was/were in a concreted blocked, rebar earth facility it would now be darned internally quiet but as I live in a ranch style open to everything RF wise Im still getting some QRM from the house and overhead supply some 150m away - but conductive noise (which Im assuming was coming up the "mains supply") and being reradiated has been attenuated - just dont ask me how much, but at least Ive added a high impedance point :-)  I can see an improvement in VLF by some 5dB to date from 5kHz upwards and Im working on MF and LF but we appear to have a large thunderhead nearby which is making measurement difficult.
Laurence KL 1 X 

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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2013 07:39:21 -0400
Subject: LF: Re: Whole house EMC/I filtering

Would like more info on the filters as well as performance.
Guess the best arrangement would be to go directly from the meter into a separate box that houses a 'mains' breaker and the filters ... then out of that box into the existing 'mains' and 'sub' breaker box ... with no sharing of conduit. What config are those filters? Have often eyed the large isolation transformers for sale on ebay for potential use as a ' whole house' filter. Would be interesting to compare the effectiveness of various types. 
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