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LF: Opera low band decodes

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Subject: LF: Opera low band decodes
From: "Graham" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:09:51 +0100
Importance: Normal
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So much for winter DX !
Unfortunate  level  of noise at my  qth  preventing  decodes   
R7NT G8HUH 2200m OPERA 3033 kms 22:23:06
SV8CS LA4ANA 2200m OPERA 2567 kms 21:44:05
SV8CS GW0EZY 2200m OPERA 2489 kms 21:44:06
R7NT PA0A 2200m OPERA 2393 kms 21:23:07
SV8CS G8HUH 2200m OPERA 2389 kms 21:44:05
SV8CS G0KTN 2200m OPERA 2359 kms 21:44:06
R7NT LA4ANA 2200m OPERA 2331 kms 22:23:06
SV8CS PA0A 2200m OPERA 2044 kms 21:44:06
RW3ADB PA0ING 160m OPERA 1998 kms 22:46:25
RW3ADB ES1HJ 160m OPERA 836 kms 22:46:23
US6EG UA4FHQ 20m OPERA 806 kms 17:17:58
G0NBD PA0ING 160m OPERA 650 kms 22:55:18
SV8CS SV3DVO 2200m OPERA 95 kms 21:44:05
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