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Re: LF: VO1NA - 137.7770 kHz

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Subject: Re: LF: VO1NA - 137.7770 kHz
From: "Markus Vester" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 23:01:45 +0200
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yes 137555 Hz seems perfectly ok to me. According to my logs, PA0OCD and others have been operating nearby a couple of times about two months ago. But all these stations have variable frequency so it will surely not be a problem.
If Op-32 were used more heavily for DX work, we should somehow agree on splitting transmit activity to avoid receiver desensitizing in the region of the transmitter. For the such digital modes, using separate preassigned timeslots (eg Europe even / America odd half hours) would seem simpler and more compatible with software limitations than organizing split frequency bands. Without much beforehand talking, this has worked well for WSPR-15 during several nights: Stefan's lighthouse beacon sent 50% duty cycle on even 15-minute slots, we Eu's simply went along and joined him, and soon afterwards the Americans could be found using those other slots.
Best 73,
Markus (DF6NM)
2013-03-20 19:55:03 PA0OCD   543km 137554.655Hz  16mHz -46.2dBOp  62% 16.8dB
2013-03-28 21:54:35 G8HUH   1019km 137554.600Hz 151mHz -39.8dBOp  75% 17.8dB
2013-03-30 20:10:45 PA0OCD   543km 137554.635Hz   3mHz -45.0dBOp  90% 19.5dB
2013-03-30 22:34:43 PA0OCD   543km 137554.635Hz   2mHz -38.5dBOp 100% 21.0dB
2013-03-31 13:13:17 PA0OCD   543km 137554.635Hz   5mHz -38.7dBOp 100% 21.7dB
2013-03-31 21:09:07 G8HUH   1019km 137554.414Hz 216mHz -38.9dBOp  60% 19.1dB
2013-04-01 00:56:17 PA0OCD   543km 137554.635Hz   4mHz -44.4dBOp  94% 18.8dB
2013-04-10 09:12:27 PA0A     539km 137554.547Hz   3mHz -31.3dBOp  93% 21.9dB

Sent: Friday, June 07, 2013 9:04 PM
Subject: Re: LF: VO1NA - 137.7770 kHz


Thank-you for all the info.  It will come in handy when I start
using Op again.  Unfortunately, there were some stability issues
last night which should be resolved soon.  When that's done and
a pc keyer is made for the new exciter, we should be back to
the opera.  Based on the info from Markus, perhaps 137.555 would
be a good place to start.

thanks again!

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