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LF: Wonderful: A real QSO again!

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Subject: LF: Wonderful: A real QSO again!
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 12:49:32 +0100
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Hello all
And thank you Mike G3XDV for the nice QRSS3 QSO this morning. The signal was
strong and steady. You are the first station from G-Land after a long time that
came back to my call. Everybody seems to be in beacon mode these days and
QSO?s as in the good old times are rare. Hope we will get the green light for
472 kHz soon. TX and antenna are ready and waiting for plug and play. I?m
looking forward to make CW QSO?s with you all. And hope to see less
crocodiles and beacons on MF ? the NDB?s are beacons enough.
73 de Toni, HB9ASB

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