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LF: AW: RE: DK7FCs 5th VLF experiment...

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Subject: LF: AW: RE: DK7FCs 5th VLF experiment...
From: Stefan Schäfer <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 22:54:27 +0200
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Thread-topic: RE: DK7FCs 5th VLF experiment...
Thank you Henny and Victor and all others for the reply! I hope the WX will not 
disappoint us ;-)


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Gesendet: Sa 15.05.2010 18:37
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Betreff: LF: RE: DK7FCs 5th VLF experiment...

Hello Stefan,
Henny,PA3CPM and me have speclab already running at 8.970 KHz,

    -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
    Van: [email protected] 
[mailto:[email protected]]Namens Stefan Schäfer
    Verzonden: zaterdag 15 mei 2010 14:25
    Aan: [email protected]
    Onderwerp: VLF: DK7FCs 5th VLF experiment...
    Dear group, 
    I is a long time ago that i have done the last experiment. Tomorrow, the WX 
could be suitable and i have time and motivation to try the next experiment on 
8,97 kHz. But the WX is a little risky 
( and so i do not yet know, if i 
really can come up. So it is just a uncertain announcement. Maybe Markus/DF6NM, 
if he has time, will inform you about the actual state.
    In the last weeks, the QRM less window becomes smaller and more early. It 
is arround 5...8 UTC 
    So, i plan to start transmissions at arround 7 UTC on 8970,0 Hz. I want to 
check the new 600W PA and the new additional earth rod. Antenna length is still 
100m. The amperemeter will also be tested the first time. Modes will be 
DFCW-600 (50mHz shift) and a transmission in DFCW-60 (500mHz shift) if i can 
reach my grabber in the DFCW-60 window in 37km distance. If the wind is stable 
and i have enough time i will do first receiving tests using the TX antenna! 
This is to prepare the first VLF QSO above 100km ;-)
    So, let's hope for good and stable wind and no rain, dreaming...
    Will anybody listen to the experiment except my and Markus' grabber? ;-)
    73, Stefan/DK7FC


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