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LF: RE: Re: SM6BHZ - WSPR Rport nothing further

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Subject: LF: RE: Re: SM6BHZ - WSPR Rport nothing further
From: "James Cowburn" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 08:25:42 +0100
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Dear LF

I was running 20% duty, I'll shift mine down to 10% or up to 25% to try and
"outlace" with Gus who I obviously can't compete with! 

Working on new vertical with top load next.

Roger - not copied you yet and I am closer than Jim M but I know my antenna
will be down on Rx vs his.

Last night was really noisy here and also not many stations on so gave Tx a
rest after 11pm.  

With best regards
Dr. James Cowburn
E [email protected]

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Subject: LF: Re: SM6BHZ - WSPR Rport nothing further

On 15 Sep 2009 at 7:12, Dave G3WCB wrote:

> No sign of any other stations last night. I'll be able to monitor again
> on Wednesday evening.

G7NKS was also on, as you see a bit weaker than Gus but seemed to be 
sharing the same time slots.
(note this is WSJT7 output, which is all that will run on my sound 
Time, Sync, dB, DT, DF, Drift, Call, Locator
where DF is the relative frequency to the centre, 503.9kHz (give or 
take a few Hz...)

184000  10  -8  2.9    32  1  G7NKS IO92 23         
184400  10  -3  2.4    32  0  SM6BHZ JO57 40        
184800   7  -9  2.9    40  1  G7NKS IO92 23         
185000   8  -3  2.4    34  0  SM6BHZ JO57 40        
185800  13  -1  2.4    24  0  SM6BHZ JO57 40        
185800   9 -11  2.7    33  0  G7NKS IO92 23         
190200   6  -5  2.4    24  1  SM6BHZ JO57 40        
191000  11   4  2.3    24  0  SM6BHZ JO57 40        
191000   5 -14  2.9    34  0  G7NKS IO92 23

73 Dave G3YMC

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