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Re: LF: Re: IGBT in 136 KHz TX?

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: IGBT in 136 KHz TX?
From: Rik Strobbe <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2009 12:07:06 +0200
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Jeff, Marcus,

STGW30NC60WD has a turnoff delay of 120ns. Turn on delay and rise / fall times are better than 30ns.
That should be good enough for 137kHz, maybe even for 500kHz.
It further has a max. Collector-Emitter Voltage of 600V, max. Collector Current of 60A (200A pulsed), max.. dissipation of 200W and a saturation voltage of 2V (@20A).
Looks like a good "workhorse" for those who want to experiment with IGBT's.

73, Rik  ON7YD - OR7T

At 22:05 26/06/2009, you wrote:
Dear Jeff,
havn't actually tried it myself on 137 kHz. But from past experience I'd say that while IGBTs may have less DC loss, they are much slower (especially during turnoff). They can be used as effient switches at some tens of kHz, whereas MOSFETs will easily go up to several MHz.
Kind regards,
Markus, DF6NM
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Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 11:37 PM
Subject: LF: IGBT in 136 KHz TX?

Good night to all,
Anybody would have any experience on the use of IGBT in 136 KHz amplifiers?
Thanks in advance!
73: Jeff / F6CWN
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