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Subject: LF: DI2AG WSPR
From: "Walter und Marianne Staubach" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 14:38:27 +0100
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Dear All on MF,
          DI2AG is still running in WSPR, 0.5W ERP on 505.090KHz. TNX to G0HNW for his numerous reports last night and also to F4DTL and DJ6LB. DI2AG will be transmitting continually throughout day and night until Monday morning. Your reports - also daylight propagation - are welcome via WSPR database or by e-mail. Thanks a lot.
Walter DI2AG / DJ2LF
BTW: Last eve, when I started WSPR on MF, I observed my signal with ARGO - full band view. Only one modulated carrier on the screen. All ok. For a while later - sun had disappeared - suddenly the screen was full of vertikal lines , all modulated like the main carrier. It was a ladder, all lines 100, 200, 300,.....Hz apart. When the transmitter paused, the carriers were off. Something wrong with the equipment? After a long time I found the reason: I had switched on the light in my shack. This comes from three energy-saving bulbs, each 15W. My antenna begins just outside the shack, part of the power mixed in the electronic of the bulbs with the rectifiers. When replacing these Bulbs by good olds type Mr. Edison the ghost carriers were off. What do we learn? Before saving energy test the bulbs for curious signals :-)
Walter DI2AG / DJ2LF
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