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LF: 137 and 500

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Subject: LF: 137 and 500
From: "Laurence 9V1 LF KL1 X" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 13:38:11 -0800
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Conditions are still reasonably good this evening on 137 and Im hearing the utility stations in Eu pretty well with Magdeburg up to S8, with DCF39 in a  avg 20 min phase null at the moment. The Ankara RTTY station is pretty good too, and the other one in  EU on 129kHz is  up to S9 - with only the normal equatorial nighttime QRN to twenty over Nine spoiling things.
On 500 - its pretty dead here in SE Asia and Ive even stopped hearing XSG Traffic list and met on 522.5 - now whether this is me missing the bcst times or whether they've actually stopped In not sure but again its been over a year. Its dead save a fewer of the weaker pop up/pop down navaid beacons and the ubiquitous variable speed drive qrm from the local and not so local cranes.
 Entertainment wise Ive been looking at the carriers on 531 to see if I could see the recent target of concern, but I have 18 counted carriers plus or minus 9Hz to look at. Nighttime audio sideband noise from stations on 531 bleeding into 505-510 kHz region cause issue even here, and I know I have the same issue in Alaska already.
73 Laurence, packing the house, enroute soon to Tianjin China, and Anchorage.
9V 1 LF Singapore OJ11

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