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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 14:56:10 +0100
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Hi Alberto & LF.


It looks like I have jumped the gun & came to the wrong conclusion !!


I later realised that in restoring the Windows o/s to an earlier time I had also removed a program which I had installed about the same time as the Windows update. So I installed that piece of software & found to my dismay that Winrad would not run again.


I removed the program & Winrad worked OK again.


Next I carried out the Windows o/s upgrade & after completion & a reboot Winrad continued to operate OK. That proved the other software was at fault & not the security upgrade.


The program which caused the problem is :-


Nero Express 7 Essentials, a free CD/DVD burning suite which came with my latest optical drive hardware upgrade.


I will have to find something to replace that bit of software.




Gary – G4WGT.




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Sent: 22 June 2008 13:14
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Subject: LF: Re: RE: Winrad problem MORE INFO


Gary ,


Another one bites the dust ? , I dont use it , but if its like the other 'windows' based softare , unless you paid 'bill'  enough to  buy a nice boat and the house to keep it in ,, you dident get the secret access 'calls' so  now as they  close the 'links'  , oh, ment , issued  security upgardes (how long has the prog worked?) usefull software stopps working ... with the advent of vesta (latest boil in the bag system) a lot more packages will fall over ...


Only way is to  run old windows versions or as in some cases  windows 98 se .i'm running my ebay special morrow spectrum analyser on the original issue windows 95 .. may be some or one of the new alternative operating systems may offer a way out, but this is going to  be a big problem, jason fell a while ago ?


G ..


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From: Gary - G4WGT

Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 12:30 PM

Subject: LF: RE: Winrad problem MORE INFO


Hi LF,


A small addition to the described situation.


Even when I uninstalled the Windows update Winrad did not run, only after restoring Windows XP to the earlier time would allow Winrad to run OK.


Gary – G4WGT.


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Sent: 22 June 2008 12:12
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Subject: LF: Winrad problem


Hi Alberto & LF,


After Windows XP security update number KB951376 I find that Winrad will not run.


I have tried uninstalling, deleteing, removal from registry & downloading again etc & cannot get Winrad to run. I also found that I was unable to delete the folder even after Winrad uninstall or Windows remove programs. I got the Windows message “Cannot Delete Winrad.exe : access is denied”. After a PC reboot I was able to remove the Winrad folder.


BUT after restoring Windows to a time previous to the installation of the Windows update the program Winrad will run OK.


Has anyone else had a similar problem & is there a solution other than not installing the Windows security update?




Gary - G4WGT - IO83QP.


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