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LF: [500] Receiving test_GI4DPE

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Subject: LF: [500] Receiving test_GI4DPE
From: Lubomír Bobalík <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 09:03:45 +0200
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GM Finbar, Gary, LF!

There is a result of my receiving on 501.315kHz last night (all times = UT):

a) I didn´t see beacon GI4DPE from sunset to 20:55

b) 20:55 - weak signal started on the screen

c) 23:45 / 02:10 – very good visible and audible signal with maximum at 01:35

d) 02:20 - weak signal

e) I didn´t see beacon signal from 02:20


Signal from beacon was as strong as DI2AM beacon in the maximum around 01:35. I have never seen so strong signal from GI4DPE. I used my new aerial on portable QTH last night. This /P is about 5km away from my city QTH i quiet garden area. I built a communicate line on 10GHz between them. I can see life signal from my digital RX, located on portable QTH, here in my QTH Breclav now.


I will continue with receiving GI4DPE this night. I am going to compare snapshotes from /P and stable QTH in the same time.




Lubos, OK2BVG




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Hi Lubos,


Finbar, GI4DPE is & has been running his beacon on 501.320 KHz, see my grabber at :-




Gary – G4WGT.



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