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Re: LF: Re: DI2AT 505.145KHz on the air

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: DI2AT 505.145KHz on the air
From: Roland Bruestle <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 11:11:47 +0200
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Hello Roman
thank you for the really surprising report.
The world is sometimes full of, I hope only good, surprises.

Beacon parameters:
Call: DI2AT
Operator: Roland DL3NDR
QTH: Neunkirchen a. B. / Nu"rnberg
Locater: JN59NO
TX: Software Defined Transmitter of SoftRock
Software: Spectrum Lab, MULIPSK, MixW, Audio Editor, Audio player
PA: CB-PA, adapted to 500kHz ; 70W
Antenna: inverted L, 50m, 10m high; 1W ERP

Perhaps you can sometimes receive another modes.

Best wishes

Roman RW3ADB schrieb:
Hi Roland & LF!

The day full of surprises today!
I copy trace of DI2AT readable some times in Moscow.


* Roland Bruestle <[email protected]> [Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:00:29 +0200]:
Hello Andy
sorry, thank you for the report. It was to expect but it is although
Did you ever receive DI2AM. His power is at least 10 times as
Good DX and let's try next winter.
73 de DI2AT/DL3NDR

KU4XR schrieb:
> Hello Roland; and all LF-ers:
> Roland I monitored from 20:00 UTC until 10:30 UTC ( Thurs morn. ) on
505.145 in QRSS-10 mode.
> I used ARGO set at maximum weak signal detection, with about a 30Hz
window, capturing every 30
> minutes. Unfortunately, all I had were some TV lines. Getting too
in the season now.
> the static level at 10:00 UTC ( 6 am local time ) in super narrow
was peaking at 7 to 9dB.
> That's very high for that early in the morning. Europe will be my
challenge next winter season.
> 73 to all, Andy Bell - KU4XR - EM75xr
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Roman RW3ADB.

Побег из Москвы - самое дерзкое приключение сезона!

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