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Re: LF: Re: DI2AT 505.145KHz on the air

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Subject: Re: LF: Re: DI2AT 505.145KHz on the air
From: Roland Bruestle <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 23:00:03 +0200
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Hello Roman
I will tell a little bit about my beacon.
The PA is a converted CB-PA with 80/150W and 28MHz.
I had to change all the filters to 505Khz. Now it has 70-80W as linear amplifier. Than was a Software Defined Transmitter SDT added. It was a kit of SoftRock RX/TXv6.6 for 160m (about 30€). I had to change the filters to 505kHz. This SDT has a small PA with 1W. But you can easily get more than 2W. The SDT has a single Quartz 4MHZ. This gives me a center frqeuency of 500kHz for RX and TX. The Frequency range is twice of the sound card band width. That means in my case 480-520kHz. The input into the SDR is a I/Q-Signal with the freqeuency of 505.145kHz -500kHz = 5.145kHz.
How do I come to this signal?
To create the modulated signal I am using Spectrum Lab with a center frequency set to 1000Hz. Spectrum Lab can all the modes I am transmitting till now. With other programs I could use modes like Wolf. But in Germany we are limited to 505 to 505.2 kHz = 200Hz band width for 6 beacons.
Therefore Wolf needs to much frequency.
Now back.
We have got a modulated signal for one mode. With the audio editor you can put together several modes to series. This audio signal has to be converted with MOKGK (RX_TX_kgksdr11.exe) to a I/Q-signal with this necessary 5.145kHz.
The right signal for the SDR on the frequency of DI2AT.
You can send it directly via sound card to SDT or what I am doing I am storing the audio signal into a SD-Disk and use it with a MP3-Player. That means I need a MP3-Player, SDT and a PA for the beacon during transmitting. Nothing more, no computer.
The horizontal part of the antenna is pointing to south/ west. That means the max. gain shows directly to Moscow.
Roman let me now if you have some additional questions.

Good luck

Roman RW3ADB schrieb:
Hi Roland!

* Roland Bruestle <[email protected]> [Mon, 14 Apr 2008 11:11:47 +0200]:
Hello Roman
thank you for the really surprising report.
The world is sometimes full of, I hope only good, surprises.
I hope all next surprises will be good.-)
Now I know I was copy your trace here so often.
It was a first time when I copy a readable signal DI2AT here.
I copy only line before that.Because it I was not sure.

You are forestall my questions!)
I'm so very interesting whats TX are you use for too match modes at once?

Beacon parameters:
Call: DI2AT
Operator: Roland DL3NDR
QTH: Neunkirchen a. B. / Nu"rnberg
Locater: JN59NO
TX: Software Defined Transmitter of SoftRock
Software: Spectrum Lab, MULIPSK, MixW, Audio Editor, Audio player
PA: CB-PA, adapted to 500kHz ; 70W
What is a amp mode are you use for that?
AB class?
What is a model of CB-PA you are adapted to 500 kHz?
Is it possible to look fotos of your equipment?

Antenna: inverted L, 50m, 10m high; 1W ERP
Not so high.I suppose that.
In my observations I'm copy well the signals of the stations with antennas 25-30 m's high here.
Tell me pse how is oriented your inv-L?

Perhaps you can sometimes receive another modes.
I hope-)


Best wishes

Roman RW3ADB schrieb:
> Hi Roland & LF!
> The day full of surprises today!
> I copy trace of DI2AT readable some times in Moscow.
> 73!
> Roman
> * Roland Bruestle <[email protected]> [Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:00:29
>> Hello Andy
>> sorry, thank you for the report. It was to expect but it is
>> disappointing.
>> Did you ever receive DI2AM. His power is at least 10 times as
> my
>> beacon.
>> Good DX and let's try next winter.
>> 73 de DI2AT/DL3NDR
>> KU4XR schrieb:
>> > Hello Roland; and all LF-ers:
>> >
>> > Roland I monitored from 20:00 UTC until 10:30 UTC ( Thurs morn. )
>> 505.145 in QRSS-10 mode.
>> > I used ARGO set at maximum weak signal detection, with about a
>> window, capturing every 30
>> > minutes. Unfortunately, all I had were some TV lines. Getting too
> late
>> in the season now.
>> > the static level at 10:00 UTC ( 6 am local time ) in super narrow
> mode
>> was peaking at 7 to 9dB.
>> > That's very high for that early in the morning. Europe will be my
>> challenge next winter season.
>> >
>> > 73 to all, Andy Bell - KU4XR - EM75xr
>> >
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> Roman RW3ADB.
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Roman RW3ADB.

Побег из Москвы - самое дерзкое приключение сезона!

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