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LF: ZM2E log for 31 March (again)

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Subject: LF: ZM2E log for 31 March (again)
From: "Vernall" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 15:41:47 +1200
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Hi all,

Something is "bouncing" our ZM2E 31 March log report. Following is the key excerpt of who we copied that night.
73, Bob ZL2CA and Mike ZL4OL

Nothing seen of a V from VO1NA.  Several Js copied from VY1JA, starting from
0930z T copy, then M copy 1030z thru 1130z, then back ot T copy at 1200z.
Nil J from then on.  O copy of U from UA0AET at 1230z and 1300z, then nil at
1330z.  Then O copy of X from RX9BS 1430z.  Both 1500z and 1530z gave O copy
of U and T copy of X.  At 1600z we got O copy of U and nil of X, at 1630z O
copy of U and M copy of X.  1700z we got T copy of both U and X.  1730 M
copy of U. We decided to go to beacon mode before ZL sunrise.

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