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LF: resend of ZM2E log

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Subject: LF: resend of ZM2E log
From: "Vernall" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 15:32:30 +1200
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Hi all,

It seems our report sent yesterday "bounced", maybe because of the three
attachments of Argo traces.  We copied three DX beacons.  So a resending of
the report for the first night, but no attachments.

Hi all,

Visiting town early afternoon, after a morning sleep, we note no reflector
reports of ZM2E.  At ZM2E we received many beacon IDs, for much of our
night.  QRN was moderate.  We had a beacon plan where ZM2E sent Z on quarter
hours, and other particpants sent their single letter beacon on the hour and
half hour.

Nothing seen of a V from VO1NA.  Several Js copied from VY1JA, starting from
0930z T copy, then M copy 1030z thru 1130z, then back ot T copy at 1200z.
Nil J from then on.  O copy of U from UA0AET at 1230z and 1300z, then nil at
1330z.  Then O copy of X from RX9BS 1430z.  Both 1500z and 1530z gave O copy
of U and T copy of X.  At 1600z we got O copy of U and nil of X, at 1630z O
copy of U and M copy of X.  1700z we got T copy of both U and X.  1730 M
copy of U.  We decided to go to beacon mode before ZL sunrise. Some sample
captures are attached. The captures include overload of ZM2E transmit
signal.(which is rather strong here ::-)

ZM2E often sent the ID of the station copied to indicate a path opening, so
from from 1045z we sent Js, and from 1245z sent Us.

ZM2E beaconed with Z at 137776.0/137776.2 at 1740z, then narrowed shift to
avoid RX9BS, ZM2E Z beacon 137776.05/137776.15 from 1750z to 1820z, when a
suspected PC lockup ended the session (ZL sunrise 1841z).  If we find
tonight that RX9BS is too close with dot frequency, then ZM2E will stay on
0.1 Hz shift and use 137776.0/137776.1.  ZM2E operators Bob ZL2CA, Mike
ZL4OL and David ZL4DP, all logging many awake hours.

We would appreciate it if Alan G3NYK could adjust the northern hemisphere
receiving part of his propagation requisition :-)

73, Bob ZL2CA and Mike ZL4OL.

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