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LF: Site rebuild at

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Subject: LF: Site rebuild at
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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 00:05:46 EDT
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Any frequent visitors will want to know that the Longwave Club of America site, (and all its related services), will be out of commission from tonight for an indefinite interval.
Our move to a new hosting service last fall was abrupt and involved temporary co-location with another site.  When we were able to put the domain on an account of its own, so many DNS records had to be rewritten manually that a number of configuration files were permanently malformed, and this has resulted in a series of increasingly destructive crashes.
Our provider's support staff now agree that the best solution is to delete the account entirely and re-create it from the ground up.  Having confirmed that I have a full backup of the site, I have given my permission to take that drastic step.
The pages will return to life some time this week; probably Wednesday morning, though I'm not making any promises at this point.

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