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LF: ZM2 e etc

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Subject: LF: ZM2 e etc
From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 15:57:42 -0800
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The noize gods were against me over the weekend - nothing seen though I was running the system remotely as I wandered/blown in a snow storm over the Great Wall up in Beijing.
Loaded and powered up the SDR-IQ for the first time last night (it arrived
safely), but LF conditions were poor with Budapest at some 30dB down from
even average conditions and DCF39 just viz at dot 60.
When I compare Argo's using the R75 on AC and the SDR I definately have less
visual QRM on the SDR from what must be common mode noize from somewhere,
and that is with extensive mitigation - so first impressions are good in
that score - no images/phantoms unless you select a high Noise blanking
setting, and thats only aurally. Now to read the manual....
Laurence KL1 X in BY 4
\Sunny Shanghai

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