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LF: Re: 500kHz

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Subject: LF: Re: 500kHz
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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 18:20:07 -0000
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Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject: LF: 500kHz
Dear Om
A Born again G3 is not a good candidate for a 500 khz nov, however if you can still send using CW an entry level phrase I BLESS YOUR HUMBLE SOUL
you could be in with a chance, if not please revert to the appliance operator level ie dish washer, vacuum cleaner etc.
I would also suggest that you listen on the band to gain some experience. There is a lot acty on the band from several countries all on CW, which is the most appropriate mode for this band. A lot of research and development and experimentation is currently going on regarding propagation during daytime and night time to see what distances can be covered and reliability. On the technical side those participating have built all their own equipment and antennas.
Considering the power restrictions, everyone seems to be doing well and having great success and fun on CW.  
At this stage I do not see any real benefit with robot or other machine assisted aids to have a QSO

I've been away from the LF scene for some time, and haven't even been reading the postings recently, so know nothing of what is going on on 0.5MHz.
I was looking at various bits of equipment / junk on the shelves recently (with a view to rationalising it all and putting some of teh bits on a rally stand or Ebay) when I realised I more than enough hardware that can be plugged together for a very potent 500kHz station.  Viz. 200 Watt  500kHz to 40MHz linear PA, transverter and a old NDB variometer that matches my LF Tee antenna.  (The PA in fact generates full power down to significantly lower than 500kHz). 
You could do well on 500 with that amplifier and a 1/2 wave dipole at several hundred feet, if you could master CW. 
A quick test of the antenna at this freq indicates 23 ohm loss resistance (it is 100 ohms at 137kHz) so with the 200W PA I suspect would be over the allowed E.RP.
Question :
What is happening on 500kHz?  Having no interest whatsoever in CW, or working other stations just to add up callsigns and countries, so is there any experimentation going on; optimum data modes, propagation monitoring etc that would make it worth applying for a NoV and doing some radio science again?
In your case it would not be worth while definitely NO
Andy  G4JNT
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