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LF: Canadian 2200 meter signals, soon QRX or QRT

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Subject: LF: Canadian 2200 meter signals, soon QRX or QRT
From: "J Allen" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 17:16:28 -0000
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Thanks for watching.  The east-west path is very difficult, especially
crossing such a broad continent. I can only wish that your efforts had been
rewarded by at least one capture of the rare Canadian "J".

VY1JA is running, "Ole Faithful", an amp built by Steve, VE7SL which
currently delivers  nearly 100 Watts output.

A new amp should be completed soon, and the power level raised about 3 dB.
I know this is not much, but at 1W ERP it may mean that you can begin to
copy VY1JA on very rare occasions.

I hope you and some of the other watchers will see our Canadian 2200 meter
signals in the weeks which remain of our experimental license period, which
I believe ends late this spring.

It has been fun.


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