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LF: Zwischenbasis Amplifier by LA8AK

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Subject: LF: Zwischenbasis Amplifier by LA8AK
From: Hans-Albrecht Haffa <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 14:49:57 +0100
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Dear Lowfers,

   I am just looking to the zwischenbasis amplifier LA8Ak (late OM Jan Noding) 
has published in the internet. See my edited copy of his article. I am no t 
shure, whether Jan marked the polarity of the transformer correctly. Original 
article: Search with google for: Zwischenbasis Amplifier    LA8AK.

   If the input windig is HIGH, the gate winding must be HIGH too. This is 
correctly in the schematic. To prevent self oscillation, the source winding 
must give negative feedback, i. e. a HIGH-signal at the gate must give a HIGH 
signal at the source of the transistor. All signal are referred to ground .
    The transformer circuit I have not completely checked, winding direction 
must be magnetically always the same, otherwise will change polarity. It seems 
to be that gate winding polarity is reversed to input polarity. Source winding 
has the same polarity as gate winding. So using  winding schematic,  the 
circuit will operate well with a 2*180° = 360° phase shift.

Do You agree with my description?

NB: I need a preamp for 136 kHz Bandfilter to prevent overload of a EKD300 rx.

 Looking foreward to Your answer,
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Gleich testen!

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