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LF: EI0CF - LF beacon off-air

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Subject: LF: EI0CF - LF beacon off-air
From: "Dave G3WCB" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 19:31:13 -0000
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The following from the ndblist regarding EI0CF.... :-(

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From: "Finbar" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 12:56 AM
Subject: [ndblist] re LF beacon off-air

> Please be advised that my LF beacon on
> 136.36 khz has now been taken off the air.
> The transmitter was switched off at  0950 utc
> on the 28th Feb.
> Thanks to all those who reported or relayed
> reports of others, together with screen shots
> etc.  All very informative indeed.
> I have spoken/e-mailed to a number of people
> regarding this test transmission and it is
> with regret that I note that band conditions
> appear to have gone down quite a bit since I
> first started on LF on 136 khz back in 1998.
> In large parts of the UK, transmissions of
> Loran from the Rugby transmitter, together with
> the obvious large increase in electronics,
> data and broadband connections seem to have 
> raised the noise floor in this area of frequency
> quite a bit.
> I would think this will be my final experiment
> on LF, interesting from a technical point of view
> but highly disruptive to what I do most of the 
> time nowadays.....listening.
> Thank you again for all the reports.
> Finbar O'Connor   EI0CF   Malin

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