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Re: LF: 756 PRO III on LF?

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Subject: Re: LF: 756 PRO III on LF?
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Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 20:00:06 EDT
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Thanks Laurie. I was playing with a friend's new 756 PRO III (he won it at Dayton this year!!) and it seemed very nice down below the BCB but he notices a rise of internal noise from around 250KHz down to 50KHz. The noise is also visible on the scope as a rise in the rx ambient noise floor. I take it that you don't have this problem with yours?

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My original 756 radiates noise from the LCD display. I have to keep open feeders and any loop antenna several feet from the radio.
The original 756 has poor performance below 500kHz primarily due to transformer design, but also because of the attenuator that is permanently switched in for MF / LF reception. Even so, with a pre-amp its a good LF receiver due to the flexible DSP and other filtering.
David  G0MRF
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