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LF: Re: Ready for DX try

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Subject: LF: Re: Ready for DX try
From: "John Andrews" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 02:17:03 +0100
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Where should I be looking on the band to see if I can capture any of you
European stations?<

The best place to look is 135.922 kHz, with a 30 second (slow) or 60 second
screen. The best time to look is when someone is actually on the air!
Lately, the overnight activity level from the EU side has been limited.
Things will naturally pick up in a few months. The path between you and EU
you goes over quite a bit more land than the path to some of us closer to
the coast. Don't be disappointed when Jay reports results that you can't
duplicate. Your chances will be better when things are quieter after the
thunderstorm season, but combinations of quiet nights and good propagation
do happen at all times of the year.

Here's a hint: Watch the DF6NM screen grabber at:
Markus has four screens there. The top one covers QRSS3 activity within EU,
and the second one has the whole band at a similar screen speed. The third
one shows the NA window at 137.777 at QRSS30 speed, and the fourth one has
the above-mentioned EU window at 135.922. Watch that last one for signs of
activity that is visible in Germany. Unless local thunderstorms are
affecting Markus' copy, that screen pretty much shows who's on. Right now
it's blank, and that's typical for the summer.

John Andrews, W1TAG

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