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Re: LF: Ready for DX try

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Subject: Re: LF: Ready for DX try
From: jannsen <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 22:09:09 +0200
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J. B. Weazle McCreath schrieb:
Hello LFers,

A successful good copy of station "XDW" last week tells me that my big loop
is capable of picking up more than just the locals.  Where should I be
on the band to see if I can capture any of you European stations?

Steve, VE7SL, if you're reading this and want to try a trans-Canada test,
me know and we'll have a go.  I haven't had this much fun with ham radio
since I got on 10 meter FM back in the late 70's!!

Cheers, J.B.


DJ8WX will be on the air on 135,9219kHz in mode QRSS60 transmitting the letters "WX" (0,7W ERP) from 2300 untill 0304UTC (check the PC clock) this night.

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