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LF: TA, and toroid and more temperatures

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Subject: LF: TA, and toroid and more temperatures
From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 17:22:19 -0900
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Your right John! - Must be this leap forward in Eu that did it, or wishful thinking on my part....apologies all - I should look more closely at the clock/date times.

Thermals and toroids etc

Ive been playing with this thermal aim and fire temp device (Costco abt 70 USD Birthday present) and although I cant vouch for some of the direct figures given their surface characteristics it does quickly point to where I can do better.
Measurements March 30th 0130Z - Wind S20 Knots, relatively calm in Coupler
housing - Coupler lid off for 15 mins prior to readings -
Loop Coupler design schematic see W1TAG web or my site

Ambient air 20.6C
Transmitter power into Coupler 1Kw Duty whatever XDW at DFCW90 is plus CW id

Cap Sangamo G3 1.8nF  25.2C
Cap Sangamo G3 3.0nF  26.6C
Cap Sangamo G3 7.5nF  34.3C
Cap Sangamo G2 3.0nF  28.6C

Looks like the sharing of the loop current of over 46.5A is working pretty well - even the "small" G2 at 3nF is standing the losses.

Main matching toroid (2:18) 3 stacked 70mm diam 3C90 - 41.8C (had been 50.1C with lid taken off)
These toroids I think are the near equivs of Ferroxcube T87/54/14 and
3C90 material

Wires temps in loop - ambient as far as I can tell.

Inside radio room - Ambient 23.5C
Decca PA modules heat sink temps- no air cooling - 1.1Kw input
Module 1 43.6C
Module 2 42.7C
Module 3 43.2C

Homebrew wrapped with black anti abrasion tape (3M) LPF Toroid. (2 x stacked 3C90 but around 42mm diameter) 58.1C, OK well below the Curie point (over 200C?) but I have some small losses here....
More useful/useless info to follow...

Laurence KL1X

From: "John Andrews" <[email protected]>
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Subject: LF: Re: TA
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 01:26:32 +0100


> XDW into CT1 pre dusk here in OK. XGJ strong too. Looks like a good nite
> coming....

More like a deja vu pre-dawn by the time and date on the capture.


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