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LF: Re: Alaska - no sigs yet

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Subject: LF: Re: Alaska - no sigs yet
From: "Scott Tilley" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 20:29:03 -0800
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No sign of DCF39 down here; however, that doesn't surprise me... Being in
noise central and much further south only Steve has had fleeting glimpses of

The rain has stopped and the antenna current is back over 3.25A.

80m seems to be going long tonight and seemed excellent late last night into
eastern Canada. CHU on 3330KHz was 20over 9 for most of the predawn hours...

I'll be poking about tonight...  VY1JA reported XDW from Whitehorse YK last

73 Scott

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From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2004 8:15 PM
Subject: LF: Alaska - no sigs yet

Day 1 - slung up a bigger loop with the main plane at 067 deg which is a
compromise between Eu and our stateside friends. Temps were about -30C
overnight but have risen today and now its calm snowing and -15c. Strong
Katabatic winds made travelling interesting with tunnel like winds only
about about 800m across but winds inside peaked 40 knots and temps some
warmer - its a strange world.

Overnight conditions to europe and long distance to the lower 48 States
"poor" as I can remember from past years ops here - I was also peeved at
losing overnight data. This computer has a protected registry and locks
screen after 20 mins of  no key action; I cant change it officially as it
negates securitry policy but Ive loaded a spoof trick program called
"mousemove" which moves the mouse after a predetermined time and keeps the
screen alive and captures to the web operating. Conditions tonight
to Eu are better and so far about 7 dB up on yesterday but Im missing long
range Loran lines -  The loop was compared against a 200 ft at 35ft loaded
long wire and spotty earth and the loop won hands down. I guess the larger
loop took about 20 minutes to get up and another 20 mins to tune using a
baby alarm and switch mode psu noiz as a source.

Moose vistations last night didnt cause bedlam with the wires but I did
the chickadees trying the insulation for taste - no squirrels here.

Keeping fingers crossed that the Dst continues its downward motion - also
qrv on HF if anyone wants a CW qso - Im on qrp. If conditions improve Ill
look on lowfer too.

laurence KL1X bp51fp wasilla Alaska (in the mountains)

ps Live data on argo 1 and 3 on
XDW continues on air from Oklahoma - dont know why the web cam is
VK7 type signals.

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