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Re: LF: MW

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Subject: Re: LF: MW
From: jannsen <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 15:59:58 +0100
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Walter Staubach schrieb:
Guten Tag, Uwe,
     tnx fer response, Uwe. Good to know for me. Pse can you tell me, what
beacon "FW" is? I heard it with low signal one evening, but don`t have it in
my list. This is the reason why I took the 440.044 for QRSs, it`s within the
440.000KHz+-100Hz and I hope to avoid interference with it. Pse look to this
QRG and tell me whether it`s free or not.
73   Walter
Hi Walter,
guess you know it: on 440,000kHz is the NDB (?) "FW" with its sideband
vy strong here in JO43SV.

happy trasmitting!


Hi Walter agn.,

"FW" transmitts on 440007.9Hz -68,7dB above noise. there is an other A0 on 439999.5Hz -74,0 dB above noise.
"FW" makes a constant +/-240Hz -96dB noiseflor.

the noiseflor outside +/-240Hz is -109dB to -110dB.

see attachment.

I took the measurements today at 1415UTC.

I dont know where that station "FW" is located. but guess some NDB freaks will read this.
BTW. is the expression "flor" known or is it german only?   

JPEG image

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