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Re: LF: Coherent decoding using GPS ?

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Subject: Re: LF: Coherent decoding using GPS ?
From: Wolf DL4YHF <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 19:56:05 +0100
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Hello Matti and Alberto,

Thanks for the info. Looks like GPS modules in the 40..60 euro region are not that hard to find.
On the Netherlands website I found the info...

> De GPS modules (GPSkit1) zijn nu (half november) helaas ook niet meer leverbaar. > Hiermee ligt het GPSkit project voorlopig even stil.
... with my almost-zero-knowledge of the Dutch language, this seems to
say "the GPS modules are no longer available, and the GPS-kit-project is
frozen". Anyway, I know what to look .
Alberto, can you share your results with me ? I'd like to know the
jitter of the 1-pps-output, and how the unit works when there is very
limited view of the sky (which is the problem here, and also the reason
why I haven't given up the idea of building a Loran-disciplined
reference yet).
Wolf DL4YHF.

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