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LF: Be back!

To: "LF/GB" <[email protected]>
Subject: LF: Be back!
From: "F6CWN" <f6cw[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 21:46:50 -0000
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Sender: [email protected]
11./08/2004   2140z
Hello all LF'er
 I am very sorry but not internet ( and no phone too) from my side during last day.
Someting wrong somewhere in a wire... (grrrr!)
Now it's ok! ... (only 302 meesages)  :0)
For Peter  DJ9DW: sorry nothing from your side, too storm craks!
 Can we try the 13 of August?
For Claudio IK2PII: sorry , i just read your message,and nothing too, exept the
terrific 599 from M0BMU! But the operator is not a good one...I must to learn more.
At the present time in the NW part of France the weather is very bad ( very storming
says the men at the TV). I will to make the most of this bad period to work on the LF station.
73 to all (the atrocius SWL): Jeff / F6CWN
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