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Re: LF: CW and other modes

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Subject: Re: LF: CW and other modes
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Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 07:03:33 EDT
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Whoa! Hold up there guys!
There is always more than one aspect to every argument and in particular Amateur Radio.
By whatever route, most on here are licensed radio amateurs. I believe I am correct in assuming that the essence of the licence in most countries is that it permits and encourages "self-training and education in the principles and practices of radio communication".
Looking at the callsigns which appear regularly I would further surmise that most have had to learn morse code to obtain their licence class. However, the many and varied techniques of keying and modulating available to us have come about mainly through the effort and application of collective and individual endeavour.
I don't think that a "slagging match" is going to contribute much to the furtherance of our serious study or leisurely pursuits in the hobby. If one's "dander" is up (no matter which side of the argument) then the adrenaline might well be better employed doing something constructive. The further pursuit of excellence in whatever technique takes your fancy is recommended.
73 g4gvw
p.s. deserting the field of play seems counter-productive to me! 
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