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LF: VE7TIL 2200m on air test beginning...

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Subject: LF: VE7TIL 2200m on air test beginning...
From: "Scott Tilley, VE7TIL" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 14:47:30 -0700
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The 2200m TX system will begin on air tests this evening (Vancouver ,BC, Canada, local time.) I just completed the variometer and a simple K0LR type TX on steriods (5-15W) that will be used to tune the antenna system and begin low power beacon tests. A CW QSO with VE7SL will be attempted in the coming days and we have both discussed running both stations in beacon mode over the weekend a few Hz apart and at low power... Within a week or so the power level will be raised to ~100W and when I feel that I'm not going to burn down the neighbourhood brief periods of 300W+ trials will begin. If these trials are succesful the TX will be sent to Steve for further field trials and work will begin on the 1KW transmitter. Our activity will be centered around 137.574KHz. Major updates on the LowFER and LF refectors. Presently LowFER 'TIL' is on to assist Steve is selecting the best time and antenna configuration to conduct our planned QSO with. The LowFER will be decommisioned this evening for the time being... Please see for updates. 73 Scott

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