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LF: Tin Plating compound (off topic LF, almost on topic microwaves)

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Subject: LF: Tin Plating compound (off topic LF, almost on topic microwaves)
From: "Andy Talbot" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 18:01:25 +0100
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Does anyone have to instructions for using the "Tin Plating Crystals" as sold by RS in the past.  
Their stock number is 567-812.  The only writing on the jar keeps saying how dangerous it is, how it will kill everyone in sight and probably should be considered as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, but nothing about how to use properly
I've inherited a jar of the stuff, but without any instructions for use.  It was thrown away on health and safety grounds as being too dangerous to have in the lab, so I offered to get rid of that hazardous waste. 
A few years ago managed to pick up a PCB bubble etch machine the same way, along with a couple of UV exposure boxes and enough FeCl3 to last a lifetime. 
What would we do without all this wonderful H & S legislation!
On teh same subject, stock up on all the tin / lead solder you can get hold of.  There will be a lot on the surplus market over the next few years as the Pb free legislation bites.  There ought to be a lot of surplus components with the wrong sort of tinned leads appearing too.
Andy  G4JNT
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