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LF: Re: Web site

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Subject: LF: Re: Web site
From: "Andy Talbot" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 22:13:30 +0100
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The new one ( is quicker.

Andy G4JNT

--- Original Message ----- From: "Alberto di Bene" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 10:05 PM
Subject: LF: Web site

Could you please all of you do me a favour ?
As you may know, my Web site
is physically hosted by, which more often than not is abysmally slow.
So I found a new host here in Italy, which looks much faster, at least
to me.
But I am fearing this my impression is distorted by the fact that between
me and that host there are only a few hops.
Could you please check whether from the rest of Europe and better yet
from the US the speed of this host is significantly better than that of ?
Just point your browser to
and compare the speed to that of
Depending on your reports I will or will not make the switchover, thanks.

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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