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LF: The signal on 133.1KHz...

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Subject: LF: The signal on 133.1KHz...
From: "Scott Tilley" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 21:00:14 -0700
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For anyone interested here's a 'small' image that says it all about the signal on 133.1KHz.
I believe the signal is coming from the Canadian Naval base at Esquimalt,BC, Canada(west coast NA).  My RX was centered on 133.1KHz in CW mode which implies that 800Hz in the image = 133.1KHz.  The deep null noted ~675Hz has been there since the signal stopped modulating a couple of weeks back.  The 'new' signal on ~76.2KHz looks exactly the same.  Normally this station runs with some kind of MSK? and turns off completely maybe once every week or two for a day or so. However, of late they seem to be playing with it as the above has been the only signal sent for a couple of weeks now.
Any reports of the reception of this signal would be of great interest to me and Steve, VE7SL.
LowFER 'TIL' is now off and being modified for 2200m operation.
Scott, VE7TIL
Check the status of radio beacon 'TIL' at:

JPEG image

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