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LF: 3d2kl

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Subject: LF: 3d2kl
From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 00:19:45 -0800
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Sender: [email protected]
All HF link aerials are up and good qso pre dusk into ZL and Vk on 7Mhz - HF good back to Europe alos on 14/18Mhz
LF system running fine and K9AY running overnight on 137Khz -
Sighted my first square wave/dfcw on Hifer today but more research on freq needed to determine who it was....more on this later..
Its hotter than Heck but a really quiet location -= I can see some smpu from
our expedition computers but the S meter refuses to budge off S1 on 137 save
the occasional lightning crash far far away. logging dcf and 137.780 region
Sheri been calibrating dipoles for the NVIS x 5 radio links all day and if\s
fed up with coax.....and tywraps.
Into Suva tomorrow morning for a press confernce - about a 45 minute white
knuckle drive
LAurence Kl1X/3d2kl

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