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LF: G0MRF-TX output transformer

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Subject: LF: G0MRF-TX output transformer
From: "Dick" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 20:57:27 +0200
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Well, at least I got a lot of good info from several of you, thanks!

Ouput phasing etc, I am really questioning if I'm doing it wrong or right.

I made the transformer exactly as it is in the schematic.
That means centre tap in the mid, and then 5 turns to one side and
5 turns to the other side.
So the 2 parts of the primairy coil are not in phase fed.
So FET's are in opposite phase.........

Also the secundairy coil is not wound on top (so covering) of
the primairy, but at the other leg of the core.

I now go changing my coil again, and so some further tests on it.

73 Dick

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