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LF: LF rx operation - from Fiji

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Subject: LF: LF rx operation - from Fiji
From: "Laurence KL1X" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 18:24:05 -0800
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Confirming Ill be setting up in Fiji 3D2 on 19/20th June and should be receiving up till around 8th July - these dates may vary but its hope the station will stay monitoring even if Im not as base camp some 45 miles drive from Suva on the S side of the Island.
This side doesnt favor "going North" paths but seeing as I cant see to
guarantee which way the signals come from I dont its too bad a location
being less than a mile from the coast.
Rx antennae will be a "steerable" K9AY + pre amp being deployed to reduce
the likely qrmn. Rx tests continue here at the moment but it will be the
TS870/850 or FRG100 - these dates may coincide with some other LF tests but
dont let the fact its summer in Eu and winter in Oz/nz stop any
experimentation. DCf39 will be used as the LF Eu beacon. I maybe able to
upload Argos' to my present website if I can
get more than 9.6K out of the landlines.
Talk back on HF is likely but Im still (since Jan!) waiting for the callsign
- the ministry has just moved and a lot of applications have been mislaid
including mine.
Im on the island to set up an mulitsite HF net and teach some of the charity
staff what a dipole isnt. ( so this
isnt just a ham dxexpedition and time will be shared - I also hope to sit
on a beach for a while with my wife! More when I have it.
Future expeditions to Southern Patagonia in October are likely but I know I
have the Andes in the way for a lot of directons, but there again it didnt
stop Eu reception in the centre of the volcanoes in Costa Rica.
Laurence KL1X/5, wd2xdw  ...-.-

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